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Whilst we cut your hair, you can enjoy a great coffee using Olfactory’s locally roasted and ethically sourced beans, from our freshly ground, bean to cup machine
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We serve great coffee

We serve great coffee

There’s never been a good reason to rush a good hair cut, and that’s why we’re pleased to be associated with The Rogue Coffee Company, a Cornish based coffee supplier, to give you even more of a reason to take your time over your grooming session. Rogue are like us, experienced in their industry, like to do things right, and well, but laid back and easy going. Utilising their experience, coupled with knowledge, research and skill, they provide ethically sourced, Italian roasted beans for that consistent, quality coffee.

And because we have now teamed up with The Coffee Hut, situated in the same building as the Barbers, you’ll be able to enjoy a consistently great coffee whilst you’re waiting for your hair cut. Add to the mix that they can also serve you a great cup of tea, homemade salads, wraps, soups and amazing, healthy, homemade treats, we’re really pleased to be working together with yet another passionate, local and independent business. It really gets our juices going.

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